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Beautiful Mondays by Young Global



Larry Ossei-Mensah (a.k.a. Young Global) is forever on the move, hopscotching around the globe on a continuous fact finding mission to discover the latest subcultural movements set to take the mainstream by storm. It is only natural then that when it comes to music, he keeps his finger on the pulse. This playlist is a cohesive mix of U.K Grime, Jazz, Afrobeat, etc., including music by Mila J, Kevin Ross and Skepta.

Larry Ossei-Mensah (a.k.a. Young Global) is a Ghanaian-American independent curator who uses contemporary art and culture as a vehicle to redefine how we see ourselves and the world. He has organized exhibitions and cultural programs from New York City to Johannesburg, featuring a roster of critically acclaimed artists including Firelei Baez, ruby amanze, Hugo McCloud, Brendan Fernandes and Lina Viktor to name a few. Ossei-Mensah is also the Co-Founder of ARTNOIR, a global collective of culturalists who design multimodal experiences aimed to engage this generation’s dynamic and diverse creative class. You can follow Ossei-Mensah’s globetrotting escapades @YoungGlobal.

Amani Olu