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Media Relations

We have a stellar reputation for securing coveted press. Let us develop and execute a comprehensive media strategy that elevates your profile while increasing awareness, credibility and revenue. In 2018, we secured over 653 pieces of press coverage for our clients.



A unifying voice for your company, organization or project is essential. We can draft bios, boilerplates, briefs, talking points, fact sheets, and editorial do's and don't's to ensure your team is on the same page and your clients understand the value of your product or service.


Marketing Strategy

Having the best product or service in the world means little if no one knows it exists. Let us build a marketing plan that communicates the value of your business to targeted customers.


Business Planning

You have an idea for a business. Now what? We will help you construct an actionable one-page business plan that will generate revenue.


Brand Positioning

In business, creativity is more than a feeling—it's a strategy. Pinpoint your business’s creative vision to outmaneuver the competition.


Social Media Strategy

Did you know 6 p.m. is the worst time to Instagram? We will help you explore social media best practices and build a content strategy tailored to your business.


Web + Graphic Design

Need a logo, typeface or website designed? We will help you build your brand identity from scratch, based on your company’s goals, objectives, vision, values and culture.